A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

Setting up user inputs

OK start a new scene or delete the old null object and create another null object

Add a Pstorm node

To control the position of the Pstorm node we can set up output ports for the null object

From now on be careful how you go there are various areas where we can add user data and I am often getting them mixed up so make sure you have the null object highlighted and then in Attribute manager choose User data add user data

Finding which type you want is best done by looking at pre made setups and looking at the properties for the ports ( right click)

For an ON command we use a Boolean port

There it is, key framable as well !!

Now go to the red output port of the null object and choose user data you should see your new On port there

Over in the Pstorm input ports we need an On port as well

Add an emitter alignment

Click and drag to rearrange the ports

Connect them all up

lets add some more inputs to the PStorm, choose Speed

Go to the Null object in Object manager and add user data, for Speed this will be Float, real and set your limits to taste

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