A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

Setting up user inputs

Now add an ON input ( Blue) port to the Pstorm node

And link the Bool output to the on port

OK for this exercise we will be adding user data fields to the actual xpresso tag in object manager so at the top left of the xpresso window click the blue input box

Choose time from the list of available ports

It shows up blank so rename the port by right clicking at set it to Start

To see port names right click at the top of the xpresso window and choose ports - show names

Add another time port and rename it to stop

Now in the attribute manager for the xpresso tag you can se the 2 data input fields

We need to connect these 2 ports to the Input 2 ports of the compare nodes

Change your start and stop to whatever takes your fancy ( these are frames)

Now we need to set the top compare to be >= greater than or equal and the bottom one to <= less than or equal. Check that the data types are Real. The Bool should be set to AND

There you have it, a basic setup for changing the start and stop times of the emitter via the attribute manager


In the next pages we will look at placing user data fields directly onto the null object

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