A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

TP Deflectors and Fragment Nodes

Lets make it 30m in radius just for the hell of it !!

Go into your Plugins and add a TP particle geometry Object and drag the sphere into this in object manager

From TP settings drag and drop the main group into the Particle geometry object in object manager

Now using the null we can rotate our emitter to point upwards

Link the PPass node to the PShape node

Hmm.. a bit tiny !!

First using the colored dots lets hide the actual sphere

Look in the PStorm settings, click to activate it in xpresso and then look attribute manager for the size setting, I adjusted this to 50 which I think means 50 % of the original

Change the project scene length to say 500 frames

And lets up the life for the spheres, though later we will be killing them off on collision

Thatís better

OK add some planar gravity from the presets in your object library

Fairly straight forward setup, the extra box on the left is the null object and allows you to alter the parameters from object manager rather than having to go into xpresso all the time

Adjust the speed of the particles to say 200

Make the plane editable, this gives it the geometry needed for collisions

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