Experimenting with TP and Deformers

OK chaps before we start lets get 2 things clear. 1 I am by no means a web designer so you will just have to live with this sad layout and 2 I am in no way a C4D expert so many of my steps and techniques here may be unnecessary and/or redundant but I got the result I was after !!

I have always been fascinated by TP and Xpresso but have always found the work very hard going, during one of my frequent moans about the lack of tuts on TP I was pointed to this site by Tim Clapham , the Production Director at Hypa.TV

Timís TP downloads

There are some really neat setups here and I thought, with Timís permission that I would pull a few apart and tweak them a bit and then make a few tutorials on how they were made

Now I have taken the liberty of adding a few extras, not for any real artistic value but more to stuff in as much about TP as I can. I have also added some tweaked x-ray materials that I think are still available for D/L - check out renderosity

OK lets get started....on to the tutorial

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