A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

OK lets get to work on the PC shader. Now I had a lot of problems with this, mainly I found that the flares were bursting into life on the surface and not flowing smoothly as I wanted then I realized that the alpha channel works with the age of the color and I could set the particles to gradually become visible

Now I am by no means a PC expert so I think itís best of I just show you the settings and you can tweak as sees fit. So double click on the PC shader in materials manager and change to global parameter to user

Se up a color gradient similar to this one

Now for the alpha trick, click the black arrow to the left of the color gradient and then check the box Edit Alpha

Set up a gradient as shown ( you simply click to add a marker tag and drag them around, drag up to remove one) remember the color and the alpha are linked to the particle age

In the age settings check the box use age effects and set up gradients similar to these. I really fuddled through this so do what works for you. I did not edit the alpha here for the color

OK set up the Shape and rotation as shown

And here are the bump settings

Play around with the shadow settings, these worked for me

The noise is what drives the effect and these are my settings

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