A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

OK lets take a break from the PC and TP for a while to set up our base sun material this will give us a better backdrop for out PC tweaking later. So create a new material double click on it and we get to change the settings. First up add some noise to the color channel

We need to change color 2

Change the noise type to blistered turbulence and tweak the settings as shown

put a tick in the luminance channel and change the brightness to 5 %

Copy the noise from the color channel into the transparency channel and set it to 74 %

Do the same for the bump at 100 %

And set the glow up as shown, we will adjust this later

Add an omni light it should arrive plum in the middle of the sphere and in attribute manager go to the details tab an activate ambient illumination

Here is what we have so far

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