A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

Now resize your xpresso window again to see both it and the attributes manager and click on the new PVolumePosition node

We want to set the type to inside and the depth to 8

OK lets make some fire. close down the xpresso window and lets create some pyrocluster effects. First we need the volume tracer, this is a global control thingy to tell C4D how to render the PC volumes and we also need the actual PC shader itself So in materials manager choose new material and PC volume tracer and PC itself

Now we also need an environment object for the PC effects so go into Objects and add one

And we drop the PC volume tracer onto the environment object as you would do with any material

Now PC can be very slow to render but we can speed things up a lot by adjusting the Volume tracer settings. So double click on it in material manager to bring up itís settings

The default is overkill for our needs, do have a look at the PC manual for ways to tweak these settings but for now we simply change the World step size to 30 ( try 60 for even faster renders and lower till you get the quality you are happy with. To change the settings just clock on the drop down box next to crispy and select user

Now PC needs some geometry to work on and we will simply use the TP points but we need to have an object to place the PC shader on so go into plug ins, Thinking particles and choose Particle Geometry

And in object manage we can drop our PC shader onto this object

Here is what we have so far..donít panic itís early days

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