A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

OK now lets have a look at how our particles are being emitted. Click on the Pborn node in expresso and over in the attributes manager we will change the particles birth configuration

We want to change from Count to Rate, set rate at 200 ( we will lower this later) and Life Variation to 80 %

OK enlarge you xpresso screen and now lets look at how our particles are being generated.

At the moment they are being generated from the surface of the sphere but we want them to come from within the sphere so we need to add a node, we do this by right clicking and choosing new Node-Thinking particles-TP Helper-PVolumePosition.....,,, see below !!

Now we need to get the same port on this node as on the PSurfacePostion node so right click on the new node choose Ports - Show names

Click on the blue ( input) box on the top left and one by one add the missing ports

Do the same for the output ports 9 the red box on the right) to get this

OK now we want to transfer all the existing connections from the PSurface Position node to the PVolume Position node, we simply click on a wire and drag it to its new port

Do this for all the wires to get this

We can now delete the PsurfacePosition node and move the PvolumePosition node up to tidy things up

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