A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

You will see this in object manager and we need to adjust the xpresso setup so double click on the xpresso tag to open the interface

Woah !!! Yes I know what your thinking but donít worry we only have to change a few things here, you know it wasnít so long ago that you would have to have done all this from scratch but thankfully some nice people have created these neat pre made setups for us. I wonít go into all the details here because..well frankly I donít really understand them all and besides Iím English and we donít drink coffee..only Tea !!

OK now resize the xpresso screen so you can see both it and the object manager and have a look at the TP null object ( click on it on object manager) We are looking for the area called User Data

Now drag the sphere from object manager into the Emitting object section and change the count and life span to 5000 and 400 F and then set speed to 1, we want the flares to move but not to fast. Later I will be lowering the particle count but for now set it up as shown

play the animation and this is what you should see

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