A Cinema 4D tutorial by Paul Selhi

Creating a Shockwave

Set it as Cylindrical and adjust the longitude start to 120 degrees, this should complete the circle

Now go to the top view ( top right pane)

Choose the object axis toll, don’t forget to select the plane in object manager)

Now move the axis into the center of the circle, this allows us to size the “shockwave” from it’s center

Now switch to the model tool, if you ever get issues when resizing things then more often than not you need to change from the model tool to the object tool especially when animating. read the manual for a real headache session on this !!

OK we should be able to animate the scale of the shockwave now so choose the scale tool

Scale it right down

and add a key frame for this

Move the time slider to the end of the animation

Scale up your shockwave

and add a key frame here

Create a new material

Activate these channels

Add a fire shader to the color channel and copy it to the others, play with the settings to taste

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