A collection of tutorials I have put together for Maxon’s Cinema 4D. While your here please take some time to check out our Photo Coloring Software. You can find it here : Blackmagic Image Colorizing Software

Many people have asked me what is the most cost sensitive way of getting images and web pages on the net, well there are of course the free web space providers but their functionality can be quite limited. I personally use a firm called POWWEB, now these guys are the business. Yesterday they announced an extra free 1 GB of storage space and upped my file allowance by 100 % !!! At present ( 11 Nov. 2004) they offer : 5 GB web space 10 GB traffic A DAY !! ( Not a month .. a day !!!) Free MySql 2 Months free + a Free Domain The cost ? a paltry $7.77 a month !! I have been using them for about 3 years now and I honestly think the service has been excellent plus they have one of the most helpful and friendly forums going Yes I have affiliated with POWWEB and why not? I think they are well worth partnering with. Check out the services on offer yourself .Absolutely The Best Web Hosting Package AvailableOK so now you have a web host but what about the web site ? Well POWWEB offers an online site builder and there are may web site creation tools out there. I suppose one of the best know is dreamweaver however look at it’s price and it’s ease of use and I think you will see that it is geared to professional web designers. There is another alternative.. a lot cheaper and just as functional, in fact it is by far the easiest a web site builder I have come across. It is called Netobjects Fusion and is a REAL dream to work with. Rather than bore you with the tech details give it a spin yourselves it really is a powerful yet easy to use piece of software. Here is the link: New Release! NetObjects Fusion 10
Simple meteor using visible lights

Creating a Pyrocluster Oilfire

TP Basics2 Deflectors and PFragment

Setting up user data fields in Xpresso

Experimenting with thinking Particles and deformers

Create a boiling sun

Create shockwave

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