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Geting Trex Tail To Swing

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Posted 13 September 2005 - 10:58 AM

Well actually it is not that complex..obviously as you get more and more involved the complexity will increase but to get basic setups is VERY easy

saying that the link i posted for the tail solution really put me off then i thought it must be simpler than that and yup it is !!

Just a recap on how simple this all is

I load a preboned trex that come with MB, i then add a walk cycle motion capture ( a couple of mouse clicks, then i plot the animation ( sort of bake the animation) to the Trex's bones... that's it !!

import into C4d and it's all up and "running"

Now the tail..well i rembered the basic dino tail in the mocca tutorial and i simply took the first tail bone and added an IK chain to that exactly like the tut and bingo, i now have an IK tail !!

1.3 MB DivX
To see how easy it all is have a look at the tut vids on alias site ( alias now own MB) or take a look at the 3dbuzz site

I also note that messiah studio is now available as a demo and i am looking into that as well

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