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Bryce 7 Beta

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Posted 15 January 2010 - 11:23 PM

Owners of Bryce 6.x will have the opportunity to download, install, and work in a "beta" of Bryce 7. We are in the midst of an open development cycle with Bryce 7, which means we want your feedback on what we have so far. For your information, this release is not a feature complete "Release Candidate". We are still working on a number of new features that are not included in this beta release. We will provide multiple open beta releases like this to Bryce 6.x owners in order to collect further input as we continue to develop.

Known issues that will be fixed for launch, but are present in this beta: * Instance Lab does not use true instancing (yet) o Running out of memory placing large amounts of objects is
very easy
* Mac DS wrapper is non-functional o DAZ Studio will not launch on the Mac
[/list] Features in this open development release: * Vegetation Lab / Instance Lab - o Paint a mix of tree species with brush.
o Paint species, change proportions and spacing.
o Replicate Objects.
o Paint any object via brush, like rocks, reefs, and shells on a beach
* Bryce 7 now uses the current sky as HDRI scene lighting
* Updated importers and exporters; obj, image formats, FBX, COLLADA
* PhotoShop plug-in hosting support updated to the current version of PhotoShop SDK
* Serial Number (SN) implementation allows for time out dates, evaluation licenses, and the ability to turn on and off features with a SN.
* Rendering optimization Major improvements in reducing render times
* Updates to support Vista file structure Save content in user location not system location
* Bug fixes: o 28944-Importing 3D objects
o 31436-Slow render times
o 14107-Nano previews different from main window
o 15694-Keep loosing HDRI probe
o 33305-Tree Lab File Not Found
o 15147-Default Ground Texture
* User Interface Improvements o Native Bryce UI elements (DAZ Studio Version dialog)
o Animated Splash Screen
[/list]Coming soon: * True instancing in the Vegetation Lab
* DAZ Studio Bridge to Bryce 7.0


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