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Tfd Version Of "flowaway"

A few people have asked for a TFD vesrion of my TP and Hair "Flowaway" tutorial. Well as i am burning in a new rig i thought i would thorougly stress test it and no matter what stress test the overclocked passed it was not stable unless it could do a heavy TFD sim, saying that my initial set-up took many hours to sim and would have been days to render so i lowered the shading and render settings to get a result in a day.


This is not a TFD test, it may look crap but i was not after a great scene, i wanted to stress test the overclock and really push this rig, though time made me lower the settings, and many BSOD's till i got a stable 4.5 Ghz ( could get more but why bother ?)

The TFD details

Voxel size 0.15cm
grid size 205x100x100
Mem usage 620MV CPU 42.5 GB GPU 25GB
Caching Density 106 GB

Simed in about 3 hours

Rendering density only with 1 spot hard shadows, mutli scattering on
Render time 300 frames in about 14 hours, i was fiddling with the rig during that time, man needs his porn you know.....

So again this was just a burn in test for the rig but th results are interesting. Of course the sim settings are overkill and could have been done more frugally, but i did not want that i wanted to know that IF i was doing hard simming this rig would handle it. At 4.5 Ghz temps generally low to mid 70's C with occasional spikes up to 80 C, i am sure i can get that down with tweaking

Oh yes click for the render...quicktime rush job default settings