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Get Fit Eat Well Save Money !!!

Get Fit Eat Well Save Money !!!Get 5 off at BulkPowders.co.uk with referral code HS117656If you are looking for quality bulk healthy foods this supplier is one of the best and if you use my promo code HS117656 at check out you get £5 off
Though they are mainly aimed at athletes the food is also excellent for a healthy lifestyle.

there is a lot of snake oil on the market but the following are what i consider the essentials and they are all medically proven

1. Protein. The best and most economic forms are Whey ( by product of cheese production) and milk protein. Use Whey concentrate ( 80-85 % Protein ) directly after training as it is fast digesting and is ideal for that 1/2 post workout window when your muscles crave protein.

Use Milk protein the rest of the time' slower digesting keeps you in positive nitrogen balance all day ( this is highly anabolic) for night you could use milk protein or casein, i prefer milk protein ( at night your testosterone and growth hormones peak, you want to feed your body with slow digesting protein..you build muscle in bed not in the gym)

2. Carbohydrates. You cannot beat oats, exceedingly nutritious, packed with energy and great for controlling cholesterol. For post workout you may want to spike insulin with a high GI carb such as dextrose but do check this out with your doctor if you have any diabetes related issues. Most times you want to keep insulin in control with low GI carbs such as oats since insulin causes excess carbs to be deposited as fat. But in the 1/2 window just after training you can spike insulin as it is very anabolic at this time and drives protein into muscle and muscle growth can be greatly enhanced.

3. Fats. You need fats they are essential but get the right ones. Flax seed powder, fish oils and Omega 3 6 and 9 are the main choices

4. Vitamins. their multi vits are fantastic and so low in price. compare these to the high street. Also stock up on vitamin C it is an excellent anti oxidant and lowers the catabolic cortisone.

5. Amino acids. So many to choose from but i would say the essentials are Leucine which promotes muscle growth and stops muscle breakdown and Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in our bodies. It is a growth hormone stimulant and protects the body from stress, given to trauma patients in hospital it promotes healing. Older gits like me may want to try d-aspatic acid, this is a medically proven testosterone booster

these are you essentials..have a look at the other stuff loads of well priced supplements here. If you have any questions about any other supplements ask me and i will give you my honest opinion.

Don't forget my promo code to get your £5 off HS117656

Get 5 off at BulkPowders.co.uk with referral code HS117656