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Forum Upgrades

New look forum and a new automated payment system on the way.
I am upgrading the forum and planning to give it a new skin. Once it is tested stable i will be changing the payment system for tutorials. At present it is £10 for access to all the tutorials. Now there are hours of them and Gigs of videos. Soon i will drop this system and be selling tutorials on an individual basis.
I will probably make up some packages and will be doing full in-depth project tutorials that will sell independently.
I also plan banner advertising, an affiliates scheme and the ability for members to upload their own tutorials and sell them via this site, i would take a small fee for that and will let you know when I have a better idea of how the new site is going.
Chat and Blog are working, not too sure about these as I do not want to be spending my time fighting spammers.
Anyway please bear with me while we go through these changes


Well already getting 2 glitches on feeds that were working and havr no failed. Waiting on Invision support to have a look

OK got them sorted myself, i just had to reselect the templates. Is this worthy of an article ??? Maybe should be in a blog !!

New skin is in place and looks neat but i have some issues with blocks showing white on the content portal page which ruins the look