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Adding Videos

You can now add videos from the Video page as well as the Gallery.
The Video page is a mod i am working on implementing and can accept flv, wmv, mov and mp4 files. AVI files are not supported yet. Please keep these files small as my hosts put a limit on file size and you will be wasting your time trying to upload 100 MB files !!!
You can also link to YouTube and a load of other popular video sites, so you may find it more convenient to load up to you tube ( who convert for you) and then add a link in the video section.
It is still "bedding in" so let me know if you have any isues
At moment i have a couple of categories TFD and Special Effects, i will add more soon and I can move files around as I do so
Have fun... no porn..I have enough already thank you.


OK i have now disable movies for the gallery as we should be using the new video system now, preferably linking to YouTube as it creates auto thumbnails, gives a clear indication of the owner and the new system has better exposure than gallery