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Forum Rules

  • Before posting a question please try a search first, you could save youeself loads of time reading about an already posted solution rather than wait for a reply to an already answerd question
  • The whole idea of this forum is to pool ideas, try checking out other apps apart from your chosen one for a solution. For example i learned how to do great cigarette smoke in Cinema 4d's thinking particles by finding out how it was done in 3DS Max's Pflow !!
  • Please try to keep image attachments as small as possible (using jpg there is really no reason to go above 150 kb for an image). Too many and too large images slow done the post loading, we will take the liberty of resizing posts if need be !!!
  • The image numbers and size quotas for the gallery are limited, we will monitor diskspace usage and raise or lower this as needed. We will keep everyone informed of any changes
  • Please give your posts meaningful titles "arrh help me !!" tells us nothing about you post and 90 % of people will not bother to read it !!!
  • Heatlhy banter about other apps is allowed but lets not start any bickering as to who's app is the best, we are here to share and pool techniques..we are the programs the software is just the plugin !!!
  • Absolutely no "putting down" newbies..we were all beginners once ( I still am)
  • You all agreed to the general rules on sign up so i wont go over them again, if in doubt please re-read the rules, you can find the link on the left in the "board navigation"
  • There are heaps of things to play with in this forum, I have only begun to scratch the surface, please let me know if something is not working or you are having difficulty trying to work things out. You can do this by posting in the Forum help sub forum
  • Above all have fun....