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Announcement: Members can now upload tutorials and other files to sell on the SFX site.

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Members can now upload tutorials and other files to sell on the SFX site.
You decide the price and SFX takes a commission ( 25 % as of 09 FEb 2012)
You will be paid via paypal on request and you will be responsible for all you tax and other paperwork.
Files will have to be approved before they go public and any pirated work will be sent to the relevant authorities and owners.
If you can keep file size down to 50 MB that will allow for easy uploads, however many of my files are larger and it is possible to link to an external file, let me know if you want to do this.
All files require a thumbnail so get one ready before you upload.
You can set whatever price you want but a minimum of £2
You can adjust the price at will however all file changes need approval before they take effect,
I would suggest you make your tutorials in English, add as much information about the software used and minimum versions needed as well as details of any plugins.
We have to keep quality high so without wishing to offend I will not approve content that is not up to scratch, I will of course work with members to make them so.
If you have an questions before you embark on a tutorial do get in contact. We can discuss length format etc
If you have an idea for a tutorial, for example you have made the scene, but are not happy with actually making the video then again get in contact. Perhaps I could make the tutorial for you.