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BlackMagic - Photo Colorizing Software

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BlackMagic is a simple to use yet very powerful digital photo software program used to colorize  photographs, add color to photos, enhance images and restore old photographs. It was developed from the same software that we use to colorize films and movies. Add  color to your photos, restore and repair damaged photographs with BlackMagic

Some of the major uses of BlackMagic are :

  • Colorize Black and White Photographs
  • Adjust the Hue and Saturation of Photos
  • Restore Old Photos
  • Repair Photos
  • Enhance Photos and Images
  • Add Color To Satellite Photography
  • Colorize or Recolor Old Wedding Photos
  • Get The Kids Interested in History By Coloring Old Historical  Photos
  • Ideal for Photo Genealogy and Family Tree Projects
  • Start A Home Business Restoring And Coloring Photographs

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Colorize Photos with BlackMagic - Convert Black and White To Color

Sample Colorized  Photographs Made with BlackMagic

Click on the image below to see some of the photos converted from black and white to color using  BlackMagic

recolor black and white photos

Add color to black and white photographs, colorize black and white photos, restore and enhance photos with BlackMagic

Create color photos from black and white for adding to your genealogy  projects

Scan black and white photos directly into the program

Latest Photo Coloring and Photo Restoration Tutorials:

We aim to constantly add tutorials not only for BlackMagic but also for  other software that will assist you in enhancing, restoring and colorizing photos

You can find our current tutorials HERE

Testimonials from BlackMagic Users :

“ Absolutely Brilliant !! I scanned and colored my first photograph in under an hour.. there may be other ways of doing this but for me blackmagic was simplicity itself.. well done a great piece of software” -Jon L Ottawa Canada

“I had doubts at first thinking that the sample images were the work of trained experts but to my suprise I found that adding color to photos with this software was very intuitive. I started by loading the Grace Kelley image in black and white and was able to reproduce the colored photo with relative ease...” - Jane C New York

“This really is a neat bit of software, uncomplicated and yet the final colored results are amazing, once I master the art of restoring photographs I can use Blackmagic to add color to them and maybe make a small profit out of this !!” - James D Adelaide

“Simply brilliant !!I had an old photo of my parents wedding that though shot in colour was very faded. I was able to bring back the original colour in the photo and have given it to them as a wedding anniversary present....” - Bob J. Belfast NI

“I am working on a family tree using old photos of my family and I have been using blackmagic to color these family treasures, it is great for this kind of work, I have shown the results on some genealogy sites and some people think I have colored photographs from the 1800,s !!! - Paul M Liverpool

This site is an ongoing dynamic project who’s aim is to bring you as much information about digital photography, photo restoration, scanners and printers as well as other relevant photographic subjects. We plan to build a comprehensive guide to creating family trees using a variety of genealogy software products and show how you can use Blackmagic to color those really old family portraits You can find links to some of the pages in progress at the bottom of this page. Please visit often as these pages will be added to on a regular basis. We will also be expanding our tutorials to encompass all aspects of digital imaging and manipulation. We will also be looking at the various options you have to finance the purchase of a new computer or computer parts including leasing, credit card purchase, hire purchase, loans, educational grants and more
BlackMagic - Digital Photo Software For Everyone- Scan, repair, restore and colorize your black and white prints

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BlackMagic - Digital Photo Software  For Everyone- Scan, repair, restore and colorize your black  and white prints